Ultra Ankle Ultra High-5® Ankle Brace (Single Brace, not a Pair)

Price: $80.95

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Reinforce the UNSTABLE ankle with this feather-light but super-strong brace designed for chronic ankle instability or reoccurring join pain.

  • Restricts excessive inversion, eversion and rotation to treat both high and low ankle injuries
  • Unloads the ankle to reduce painful impact that causes reoccurring joint pain
  • Hinged-cuff technology promotes full range of motion
  • Sold individually

Note: This is not a medical device. If a medical condition exists, consult your physician before using. If you experience discomfort from this product, adjust or remove it immediately 

  • Model: UAUH5
  • Manufactured by: Ultra Ankle

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 29 March, 2017.