Offensive Drill Solutions: Hitting Passing & Setting

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This video is packed with 60 drills and variations for developing offensive skills.

In each section, Wise emphasizes her teaching and coaching philosophy, which includes progressing a player from individual skill development to team play. Every step of the way her goal is to make practice fun, challenging and competitive.

  • In Part 1: Passing Drills, Wise shares 18 drills beginning with elementary passing drills and progressing to platform passing, advanced multi-skill drills, and competitive drills for the team.
  • In Part 2: Setting Drills, Wise shares 19 drills that progress from individual to partner and team drills that cover all aspects of the setting.
  • In Part 3, Hitting Drills, Wise shares 23 drills. She breaks down the arm swing by drilling on a box allowing players who may not be big jumpers to focus on their arm swing.

Wise then progresses into toss-and-catch and toss-and-hit drills before incorporating the approach. She then shares competitive drills that include scoring and accountability.

This DVD is a must for the coach looking to develop individual and team play for offense.

54 minutes - 2005



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