Gettin' Better: 40 Tips for Better Outside Hitting & Blocking

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The common denominator of all great athletes is that they are constantly finding ways to get better and in this DVD, Bond Shymansky shares with you 40 tips to help you improve your blocking and outside hitting. Shymansky begins this presentation with Transition. The "T" position on the floor is the point where the three meter line meets the sideline. This is where players will transition back to each time. Footwork into the attack is left, right, left, staying open to the setter. Arm swing mechanics are important to outside hitters. Being a great shot maker and good arm swing mechanics can make a player a valuable part of the team. Instruction on tip shots demands that players use an open hand and make contact with all five fingers. Good vision allows tippers to tip to the opponents open area of the floor. By executing the same technique, but slowing down the arm swing, players can hit roll shots. The sweep is a shot close to the net that bounces off the opponents block. Another skill is tooling the block which requires vision, swings with the high elbow, and uses the same exchange and good swing mechanics. The high swing, line shot, and extreme angle shots are tools that outside hitters must master. This position requires versatility as players must be able to Pass, Defend, and Block to hitting transition. A one foot takeoff is also demonstrated and enables a player to hit with power. Blocking is also a main technique in becoming the best player you can be. The vision sequence spells out each key for blocking preparation. The sequence is ball-setter-ball-hitter. The key is to read the hitter's tendencies, then apply them in your blocking skill. Hand and footwork mechanics, penetrating the net, keeping the eyes open, coiled position, and strong hands benefit the blocker. This information packed DVD is a must for any serious player looking to take their blocking and outside hitting to a new level.

85 minutes. 2006.


  • Model: VD-2612A
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