Yonex SHB F1 LTD Badminton Shoe

Yonex SHB F1 LTD Badminton Shoe

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The Yonex Power Cushion SHB-F1 Limited (SHBF1LTD) Black Gold Badminton Shoes is one of the lightest shoes in Yonex history for both men and women. The Feather series of Yonex shoes is the latest concept of performance shoes to reduce the weight and increase the speed of player movement while maintaining the comfort and support Yonex shoes known for.

The new upper part of the shoe is constructed out of only 5 sections, rather than the conventional 7 parts. This minimizes the number of overlapped areas and the requirement for heavy stitching. In some areas, stitching has been replaced by a hot glue which binds the sections together to reduce overall shoe weight. By reducing the area of the rubber outsole, YONEX has further reduced the weight of the shoe for even greater maneuverability and speed around the court.