The Man Up Defensive System

The Man Up Defensive System

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If your team has a strong left side and a slow setter that plays close to the net, the Man Up Defense is for you!

From the Middle attacker position, Egbert's team demonstrates the alignments and adjustments to make from this spot. In the middle set-up, the left side should commit every time. Your set-up may change depending on the skill level of players in certain positions.

The right side attack is another segment of this defense that is covered in detail. Boxes are used at the net to simulate game like situations. This defense is able to defend any situation where the ball comes off the net.

Egbert also presents tactics against the wide strategy when the defense attacks from the right side. The ability to run down the ball is essential for this defense to be successful.

57 minutes - 2007

Our View:

  • Basics for man-up system and position for defense from 4, 3 and 2 attack.
  • Recommended for high school or club players who use man-up system.