Team Toughness Trojan Style

Team Toughness Trojan Style

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Mick Haley's formula for building team toughness is embodied in two words: building team.

In this unique look into the inner workings of the USC Volleyball program, Sport Psychology Consultant, Mike Voight, takes you through USC's systematic, step-by-step formula that he and Haley developed, implemented and refined through eight years of success together that included back-to-back NCAA Championships in 2002 & 2003.

Haley's 12-month formula begins at the season's end, i.e. off -season, where all aspects of the season are evaluated and where coaches and team leaders define the vision for the next season. This transitions into the pre-season team formation both on and off court that includes defining roles, team identity and accountability development.

Next, is the in-season play phase characterized by developing quality in every phase of the game, followed by the championship phase of the season. Voight provides a detailed explanation of each seasonal phase showing sample meeting and planning forms and finished examples of how each process fits into the formula.

This incredible off court presentation serves as a team development playbook that can be implemented with any team in any sport looking to unleash the power that comes from the heart of a united, single-focus team.

45 minutes -2009