Black Knight Sensa Grip 2 pkg

Black Knight Sensa Grip 2 pkg

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Sensa Grip (BK086)

Almost as tacky as the Ultra Grip, is also a thinner grip (0.60mm) having a lesser effect on grip size.

Sensa Grip is also designed for longer lasting tackiness, and is the right overgrip for heavy sweaters. Sensa Grip is 110 cm in length, and is sold in packages of two grips.


The nemesis of the serious player is the slippery racquet handle. That is why the right grip wrap can often make all the difference. Black Knight has created a complete selection of the right grips - designed to grip better as they get wetter, while improving cushioning and overall comfort.

Generally, there are two classes of grip wraps:

Replacement grips or re-grips are self-adhesive and are installed directly onto the bare handle material (for example, wood, graphite or foam) replacing the racquet's original grip wrap. Black Knight offer 5 replacement grips:

  • Competition Grip
  • Hi-Zorb
  • Super Grip
  • TUF Re-Grip
  • Towel Grip

Overgrips are generally not adhesive and are placed on top of the base racquet grip. Easier to install and remove than self-adhesive replacement grips, an old overgrip can quickly be changed between games in a hot match.

Black Knight offers four overgrips:

  • Power Wrap
  • Ultra Grip
  • Sensa Grip
  • TUF Grip